Troika Announces Line of Network Management Solutions

Troika Networks announced its new SAN Command(TM) Enterprise line of network management solutions for its Zentai(TM) Controllers.

Active Controller Manager (ACM), the first module of the SAN Command(TM) Enterprise line, focuses on delivering a new category of management capabilities to data center administrators-enterprise-level device management-providing much-needed visibility into the SAN to help them actively manage their network more effectively.

“Trokia’s mission has always been to provide data center personnel with tools that minimize network complexity and help them maintain business continuity for their users,” said Alan Skidmore, president and CEO of Troika Networks. “With the launch of our Zentai Controller, we took the first essential steps towards simplifying storage networking management. With this introduction of SAN Command Enterprise-ACM, Trokia takes network management to the next level. Trokia’s ACM is the only solution available that allows for active configuration and centralized management of distributed controllers as well as extended visibility of connected SAN devices. This centralized control enables data center administrators to increase availability and reliability of their storage networks by reducing human errors, further streamline their day-to-day network tasks and responsibilities as well as obtain higher productivity levels of existing resources by reducing repetitive configuration tasks and operations.”

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