UK Court Denies Opposing Motions in Storage Computer vs. Hitachi Data Systems

Storage Computer Corporation today announced the first results of apatent dispute between itself and Hitachi Data Systems Ltd..

In its initial complaint, Storage Computer Corporation alleges that certain Hitachi Data Systems Ltd. storage products infringe Storage Computers intellectual property, specifically two European patents: EP 0 294 287 B1 entitled Fault-tolerant, Error-correcting Storage System and Method for Storing Digital Information in Such a Storage System; and EP 0 539 494 B1 entitled High-Speed, High-Capacity, Error Correcting Storage System for Binary Computer.

Hitachi moved to have the infringement claim concerning Patent EP 0 294 287 B1 dismissed, a process known in the UK as a strikeout application (a motion to dismiss). In the hearing held on July 13, 2001 in the UK Patent Court within the High Court of Justice, the motion was denied. Hitachi had not made a strikeout application in the second infringement claim (EP 0 539 494 B1).

Hitachi also moved to initiate a stay of postponement, allowing for more time, for both patent infringement cases. The Court also denied this motion and the case will now proceed to trial.

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