Unison Introduces RAID I/O Fibre IDE

Unison Information Systems Ltd. announced the release of their RAID I/O Fibre IDE, which they claim to be the lowest cost external Fibre Channel RAID Subsystem available.

According to Unison, the RAID I/O Fibre IDE is ideally suited for commercial, industrial, educational, government and consumer markets where fault tolerant data storage is needed to protect programs, files, records, graphics and other vital data.

Features include low-cost external RAID solution, Fibre to Fast ATA/Enhanced IDE compatible Interface, ultra ATA/100 data transfer rate, RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3 or 5, and hot swappable, user replaceable drives and power supplies.

List prices range from $9,596 for the 245.6 Gigabyte model to $12,124 for the 655.2 Gigabyte model. According to Unison, all RAID I/O FIBRE IDE Systems are available from stock.

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