US Data Authority Announces New President

US Data Authority, Inc., a network infrastructure company focusing on connectivity, online data storage and voice communications, today named a new President.

Peter D. Kirschner has been named President/CEO, replacing current President Joseph E. Shamy and interim CEO Robert Beaton. Both men will remain on the USDA Board of Directors

“Our challenge has been to reach a level of cost effectiveness and operating efficiency, while securing the funding needed to grow, and move towards profitability,” stated USDA Chief Operating Officer Dominick F. Maggio. “We have been working hard to negotiate our debts and reduce operating costs. Peter gives us greater credentials and contacts in the capital markets to secure investments and finalize the funding required to make USDA a player in the data storage arena.”

“We are positioning ourselves to offer a secure online data storage solution, which includes connectivity and management,” Kirschner stated, “and with the ever-growing storage demands of businesses, the need for secure off- site backup storage, highlighted by the events of September 11th, is both immediate and substantial. We believe that the capture of even a small percentage of this market could have a very positive effect on USDA’s growth.”

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