Veritas Consolidates Backup and Recovery Software

Veritas Software, a data backup and recovery software firm, Monday
offered the public a new, more tightly integrated version of Veritas
Data Manager, which, unlike its ancestors, manages and monitors backup
recovery processes for both the company’s NetBackup and Backup Exec

Veritas Global Data Manager, which previously managed NetBackup but not
Backup Exec, lets administrators view several data protection processes
Backup Exec and NetBackup domains at once through a single access
point. It
also features more reporting capabilities to allow users to observe
processes practically in real-time.

Designed to protect info in data centers, NetBackup and Backup Exec,
are geared to help adminsitrators manage data in large enterprise and
businesses, respectively, save terabytes or petabytes of data residing
on a
variety of platforms. The former handles most platforms, such as UNIX,
Windows NT, and NetWare; the latter is mostly focused on Windows
Both enable data copy, purge, cache, and migration.

The move to control the processes and policies of data storage
management is
one example of an industry-wide push to make the task of managing
mounds of
crucial enterprise data easier and faster. Veritas competes with giants
Dell, IBM and many others in the data backup and recovery space.

Robert Maness, senior director of product marketing at Mountain View,
Calif.’s Veritas, told said organizations are
for such solutions because they are under increasing pressure to
protect the
data that lies near the edge of the corporate network, such as servers
remote and branch offices.

Veritas Global Data Manager is priced at $5,000. It supports NetBackup
AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows. Pricing for each managed NetBackup
starts at $1,495 for UNIX and $795 for Windows and Linux, while each
Backup Exec server costs $195.

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