Vitesse Introduces Optical Networking Chipset

Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. today announced the introduction of a new chipset for 11.5Gb/s to 12.5Gb/s optical networking Systems, the VSC8185 16:1 multiplexer and VSC8184 1:16 demultiplexer.

According to Vitesse, the new chipsets will enable telecommunication equipment vendors to serialize and de-serialize high-gain FEC data streams for ultra-long haul and long-haul DWDM applications.

“This chipset enables application of various techniques in the rapidly developing area of advanced forward error correction and RZ modulation for long-haul reaches and beyond,” said Lee Walter, Vitesse’s product marketing manager. “This chipset is the lowest power high-gain FEC chipset available on the market today.”

The chipset, Vitesse says, has a bit order swap function to allow designers to interface to a device with either an increasing or decreasing bit order without crossing signal lines, simplifying printed circuit board layout.

Samples of the chipset, priced at $695 each in quantities of 100, should be available in May with production scheduled for early third quarter of this year.

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