Vixel 2 Gb/s Switches Qualified By Fibre Channel Industry Association

Vixel Corporation , a provider of storage area networking (SAN) solutions and a member of the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA), today announced that its 9000 series 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel fabric switches have successfully completed the SANmark(TM) Qualification Program.

According to Vixel, the 9000 series has now achieved full compliance with both the switch-to-switch E_port interoperability standard (by passing the FCIA’s SCD 3001 test suite) as well as the switch-to-arbitrated loop device interoperability standard (by passing the FCIA’s SCD 3002 test suite).

“This is great news for both Vixel and for SAN users everywhere,” says Beth White, vice president of marketing, Vixel Corporation. “Performance and value have always been Vixel’s strongest suits and now SAN users can readily avail themselves of these advantages. As the storage industry migrates to 2 Gb/s speeds, users can confidently upgrade their SANs to new performance levels and choose products based upon their intrinsic value. Vixel endorses the SANmark Qualification Program and lauds the Fibre Channel Industry Association’s work to make multivendor SANs a reality.”

According to FCIA, the SANmark Qualification Program assures end users a qualified level of interoperability between compliant products implemented in Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks, allowing direct replacement of switches and other interconnect devices and promoting the implementation of multivendor SANs.

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