Winchester Systems Announes Fibre Channel SAN

Winchester Systems this week announced a new high performance fibre channel Storage Area Network, the FlashDisk OpenSAN, which includes FlashDisk OpenRAID disk arrays in a fibre channel Storage Area Network (SAN).

According to the company, FlashDisk OpenSAN provides large shared storage pools for use in the most demanding large scale applications. It permits up to 64 servers, RAID arrays and tape systems to be connected into each fibre channel switch in the SAN.

Winshester Systems also said each FlashDisk OpenRAID disk array in the FlashDisk OpenSAN provides 13,000 sustained disk operations per second and up to 121 MB per second sustained data throughput. In a single cabinet, FlashDisk provides 117,000 sustained disk operations per second and over 1 GB per second data throughput. This is 5 to 25 times more performance than the most popular “frame” storage systems.

FlashDisk OpenSAN including two FlashDisk OpenRAID disk arrays, each with 1.45 TB of storage, totaling 2.9 TB and a 16-port fibre channel switch, cables and FlashConsole storage management workstation is priced at $161,328.

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