Winchester Takes Aim and Fires 64-bit FlashDisk OpenRAID

NAS and SANs enterprise storage vendor Winchester Systems this week introduced its new FlashDisk OpenRAID 64-bit model.

According to Winchester Systems, the new FlashDisk OpenRAID 64-bit model delivers over 13,000 sustained I/O operations per second to the disks – nearly double the 7,000 sustained I/O operations per second delivered by the 32-bit model, which peaked at 9,779 I/Os per second. FlashDisk OpenRAID also delivers up to 121 MB per second sustained data throughput to the disks using two host ports for sequential applications such as file copying, report generation, data collection, video and audio streaming and backup applications.

The company also stated that the FlashDisk OpenRAID unit running the new 64-bit design holds up to 8 half-height disk drives of up to 73.4 GB each for a total current system capacity of 582.2 GB. For even higher speed using more spindles in parallel, FlashDisk OpenRAID uses 12 disk drives of 18.1 GB each for 217.2 GB. FlashDisk OpenRAID is designed to accept higher capacity disk drives as they are released.

A FlashDisk OpenRAID unit with 8 disk drives of 73.4 GB each stores 587.2 GB and is priced at $39,994 including cables and UPS. The 12 drive models with 18.1 GB disk drives store 217.2 GB and are priced at $29,857 including cables and UPS.

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