Xdrive Offers Online Storage Via Microsoft Windows XP

Internet storage infrastructure provider Xdrive Technologies Inc. today announced it is the first third-party storage vendor to be incorporated into Windows XP Beta 2 Web services. Formerly code-named “Whistler,” Windows XP is the new Microsoft Windows operating system for home and work.

According to Xdrive, its Web service is included in Windows XP beta 2 as a function of the new Web Publishing Wizard and provides users with the ability to upload, download, access and share their files from anywhere, at any time, using a wireline or wireless Internet-ready devices such as personal computers, PDAs, WAP phones and public Internet terminals.

Windows XP users can choose to “publish this file to the Web” in the task file pane on the left-hand side of the window. This prompts the Web Publishing Wizard to assist the user in publishing his or her files to a Web-hosting service such as the Xdrive online storage solution.

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