Xdrive On-Line Storage Services Accesible Via Windows XP

Xdrive Technologies, a leading provider of Internet Information Management software and services, today announced an agreement with Microsoft, to include the Xdrive Online Storage Service as a Web Service accessible via Microsoft Windows XP.

According to the company, the Xdrive service can be accessed via the Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard. By choosing this option, users of Windows XP can store and share their personal and business information on Xdrive’s hosted storage services network, which is currently available to users in more than 30 countries. Windows XP is the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, scheduled for release on October 25, 2001.

“Xdrive’s solution, available as an option via Windows XP’s Web Publishing Wizard, provides an efficient and universal way for users to store and share files,” said John Frederiksen, General Manager for Windows at Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased to be working with Xdrive to empower people to move beyond disconnected applications, services and devices to complete computing experiences that redefine the relationship between people, software and the Internet.”

“Our online storage and information management services will greatly benefit our mutual users particularly when accessing and sharing large media files,” said Karl Klessig, president and CEO, Xdrive Technologies. “Xdrive is excited to be working with Microsoft to provide a storage solution option to Windows XP users.”

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