XIOtech Announces IP Storage Strategy

XIOtech Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate and a storage area network (SAN) vendor, this week announced an IP storage strategy that it says leverages the leading protocols: iSCSI, iFCP, and FCIP.

XIOtech said its strategy allows customers to determine which protocol is best for them, knowing they can incorporate the MAGNITUDE SAN hardware platform into their solution and have an investment for the future.

According to XIOtech, it is currently working with IP vendors to create certified IP storage solutions. The newer IP storage technologies will extend the capabilities of the MAGNITUDE hardware platform, which incorporates all SAN components into one centralized configuration. With these solutions, customers can select the right IP technology for them and be confident that it will work with the MAGNITUDE. Customers also can use the resources available through XIOtech to help them in their choice of solutions.

New IP storage technologies will expand the SAN market into companies where IT departments have been hesitant to implement fibre channel because of their familiarity with the TCP/IP over Ethernet protocols used in local area networks. With IP storage, companies can create networks for disaster recovery, data replication, or remote site backup using a framework their IT managers are familiar with. They can extend SANs beyond fibre channel distances at a lower cost.

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