XIOtech Storage Certified for Novell’s New Netware 6 OS

XIOtech Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate and a storage area network (SAN) pioneer, today announced that its MAGNITUDE hardware platform has received Novell’s “YES, Tested, and Approved” certification for their new, open operating system, NetWare 6.

“XIOtech has been a great partner for us in the development of our new operating system, NetWare 6,” said Jeff Hawkins, vice president of storage solutions for Novell. “We have several XIOtech MAGNITUDE SANs in our lab which were used in the development of NetWare 6. Many of the new features of NetWare 6 were developed to take advantage of leading-edge technologies, such as storage virtualization, which is the cornerstone of XIOtech technology. We think that the combination of NetWare 6 and storage products such as the XIOtech MAGNITUDE is an outstanding solution for enterprises who require high data availability and a non-stop network.”

“NetWare 6 is a perfect complement to our unique virtualized storage technology,” said Richard Blaschke, executive vice president of marketing for XIOtech. “Novell’s vision in developing NetWare 6 was to deliver an operating system that gives users access to network resources anywhere and anytime. XIOtech’s vision is to give users continuous access to their data and applications. The strong partnership that we’ve shared with Novell for over three years is now even stronger with the release of NetWare 6.”

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