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NetManage Looks to SOAs with Librados Buy

NetManage agreed to acquire privately held Librados for an undisclosed sum. The deal would give NetManage application adapters to help its Host Services Platform server applications via service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services .

Specifically, NetManage is aiming to expand its SOA strategy for the Microsoft .NET and J2EE camps, making the Librados application adapters a cornerstone of the NetManage Composite Application Server roadmap.

NetManage hopes customers with integration concerns will find its augmented Host Services Platform attractive, because it will allow them to reuse existing applications when building new systems within an SOA.

This is because adapters eliminate the tedious and complex hand-coding required to connect disparate back-end and e-business systems. Reusing applications, one of the tenets of an SOA, is cost-effective and it saves developers the time and money it would take to manually write new code.

There has been an explosion in SOA adoption and Web services in the last year. And because SOAs are driving customers to access their applications from a network in a new, easier fashion, NetManage believes the timing of the acquisition is important.

The Java-based Librados Adapter Library will help application functionality to be exposed in such formats as XML and Web services.

Librados is well known in integration software circles because of its royalty-free business model. Customers include integration software vendors Embarcadero Technologies, Metamatrix and Digital Harbor.

NetManage officials believe the purchase, should it succeed, will put NetManage in a leadership position for accessing corporate applications and information. The Host Services Platform provides traditional emulation and composite applications.

ZapThink analyst Jason Bloomberg told internetnews.com NetManage is accomplishing a couple of things by acquiring Librados.

"The Librados adapter technology rounds out NetManage's Host Services Platform, enabling them to offer service-oriented architecture capabilities to customers with a much broader range of host-based legacy applications," Bloomberg said. "On the other hand, this acquisition opens up a new market for NetManage, as they bring the Librados technology to their customer base."

On a competitive front, Bloomberg said the blend of NetManage's business with Librados' unusual licensed source code model promises better SOA enablement and more flexible legacy adapters.

"In other words, they're positioning themselves to be an iWay killer," he said, referring to iWay Software, a Librados rival and unit of Information Builders that currently offers more than 250 application adapters.