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RSA Releases JSAFE 1.1 Encryption for Java

RSA Data Security, Inc. unveiled today its JSAFE 1.1 encryption engine for Java, the latest release of RSA's Java encryption software which is designed to offer improved performance while leveraging customers' investment in existing JSAFE 1.0 and BSAFE code.

RSA was one of the first companies to release an encryption engine specifically for Java programmers. The JSAFE security component suite provides Java programmers with privacy, authentication, and data integrity routines that have been written entirely in the Java language.

Java developers can incorporate JSAFE technology to build secure applets that support public key cryptography. This type of technology enables both privacy and authentication, the basic requirements for online electronic commerce. Also included with JSAFE 1.1 are sample applications, complete with source code and easy-to-use self-test modules.

JSAFE 1.1 was designed specifically for high performance security operations. The performance of this release of JSAFE is double that of the previous version. JSAFE 1.1 works in conjunction with BSAFE, combining the Java language with native code, which contributes to its higher performance.

The JSAFE 1.1 SDK has a price of $290, with runtime licenses for products which use JSAFE available on a royalty, per-seat or annual fee basis. For additional information, visit the RSA Data Security Web site.