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Dirk Hohndel Leaves Intel to become VMware's Chief Open Source Officer

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    June 30, 2016

Dirk Hohndel has been a fixture for years at open-source conferences, always delivering wisdom. Since October 2001, Hohndel has been the Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist at Intel, prior to that he wasDirk Intel the CTO of SUSE from 1995 until 2001. Now he's headed to VMWare.

VMware isn't a company that is well known for its open-source contributions. Yet it's important to note the incredible impact that VMware has had on the open-source cloud community as one of the original instigators of the OpenStack Quantum (now called Neutron) networking effort.

VVMware is now also increasingly building on open-source in the container world as well and it makes sense that the company would seek out the brightest and the best to help it set direction.

At VMware, Hohndel will rejoining Pat Gelgsinger, the current CEO of VMware, who had previously spent the bulk of his career at Intel as well - so there is some familiarity there for sure.

V "As VMware broadens its ecosystem from traditional engagements in the data center space to areas such as software-defined networking and Cloud Native and mobile app technologies, we have been releasing more and more of our new offerings as open source software," Ray O'Farrell, executive vice president and Chief Technology Officer, VMware said in a statement.

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Red Hat Summit Hosts a Wedding - for Real. #RHSummit

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    June 29, 2016

I've seen a lot of strange things at technology conferences. I've seen all manner of flying objects, cars, sports stars and crazy contests - but i've never seen what I saw today at Red Hat Summit 2016 - a real wedding.

At first, I thought it was a joke - a marketing ploy - but it's not.

Red Hat President and EVP Paul Cormier got his one-day marriage license to perform the ceremony, and of course Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst was theRed Hat Summit Wedding ring bearer.

The new married couple are Texans Shannon Montague an American Sign Language interpreter and  Matt Hargrave (@hargrizzel on Twitter), senior Linux engineer at GM Financial  And Hargrave really loves Red Hat (and Shannon too of course).

"Pushing a commit to github isn't the same as committing to a life partner, there is no forking this project," Cormier said as he presided over the ceremony on the Red Hat Summit stage.

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Docker Store Announced @dockercon / So What Happens to Hub? #dockercon

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    June 21, 2016

SEATTLE - Docker announced a new beta effort for Docker container images at Dockercon today, called the Docker Store.

Not to be confused with Docker Hub - or Registry - which already provide images of Docker Storecontainer apps, Store is something different, in that it's all validated images and included both open-source and commercial tools.

Docker Store builds on the Official Images and the popularity of the Docker Hub for community content by providing an official marketplace that provides workflows for those who wish to create and distribute content and those that wish to download content to build their applications.

Personally I'm not surprised, it makes sense to have an 'app store' with a revenue model for validated apps and that's the promise of Docker Store - no doubt though it will lead to confusion with Docker Hub.

The Docker Store is an invite-only beta now available at:

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Praise Be to the Dockercon 16 Demo Gods : Drink Espresso #dockercon

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    June 20, 2016

SEATTLE - Dockercon the primary conference for Docker container has a three year old tradition of appeasing the demo gods prior to any live demo - and Dockercon has lots of live demos.dockercon coffee

At Dockercon EU the gods were appeases with an offering of grapes - so any and all people doing demos ate a grape (or two) before going on stage. At Dockercon 16 today in Seattle, Docker Inc CEO Ben Golub announced the offering in Seattle - and no it's not grapes.

It's coffee.

That's right, prior to every live demo, the person doing the demo takes a shot of espresso.

What a great idea. As an admitted caffeine addict, this is an idea that appeals to me on so many levels, but it also makes sense. A quick shot of caffeine before doing a demo will at the very least make sure the presenter is awake.

Coffee as we all know is the real 'deity' of developers everywhere..

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Dockercon 16 Descends on Seattle

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    June 19, 2016

Dockercon 16 kicks off with the opening of the show floor at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle today as those who love Docker, those who are curious about Docker, those looking to learn and those looking to profit from Docker assemble.Dockercon 16

This particular Dockercon will be a major event, larger than any other prior Docker event anywhere in the world. But size alone isn't what anyone should judge the success of an event about - it's the quality of speakers and sessions that truly matter.

For me, an obvious highlight is the opening (and closing) keynotes. Solomon Hykes is a developer's developer and is always a joy to hear him speak about Docker and the broader world of development. No doubt, Docker CEO Ben Golub and Hykes will have some 'stories' to tell in the opening keynotes of Docker success and no doubt there will be some announcements too. But what sets aside the Dockercon keynotes from every other conference I attend is the daring of keynoters to constantly challenge the demo gods, and perform live demos.

At the Dockercon EU event in Barcelona, one such live demo was that of Dockercraft - a Minecraft, Docker management mashup that was part of the closing keynote. I don't have any insight into what demos, we'll see this time around, but I am prepared to be amazed.

Beyond the keynotes, the width and breadth of interesting sessions is staggering. On the security front a couple must see sessions for me include: The Golden Ticket: Docker and High Security Microservices, Using the SDACK Architecture on Security Event Inspection and of course the Docker Security deep dive with Director, Docker Security, Docker, Nathan McCauley.

There are also all the usual 'meet the maintainer' talks, how to contribute stuff and talks on why open-source is goodness. I'm also personally very interested in Containerd, which is a container supervisor technology that I don't quite understand (yet).

As a networking person (after all without a network what do you have? really? just a local machine - long live the network!), lots of interesting talks including Docker for Ops: Docker Networking Deep Dive, Considerations and Troubleshootingwith Madhu Venugopal Senior Director, Networking, Docker - who quite literally is Mr. Libnetwork.

I'd be remiss if i didn't mention my own session session on Tuesday at 11:15 with my friend Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch fame, Alex Williams the dude that started and leads The New Stack and of course the best analyst (that I know) in the world covering containers today - 451 Group's Donnie Berkholz.

Bring your questions and join a panel of top media and analysts covering containers for what is expected to be a truly informative and interesting perspective on Docker, the container ecosystem, and best (and worst) practices when talking containers.

Then of course, there are the *wildcards* sessions/vendors/people that I'll run into that will change my perspective on something and the wide world of containers. At Dockercon 16, my personal plan is simple - I want to Docker all the things.

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Famed WhiteHat Security Founder Joins SentinelOne

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    June 06, 2016

I've had the good fortune to meet with Jeremiah Grossman, founder of WhiteHat Security many times over the last 15 or so years. More often than not those meetings occurred in the general vicinity of Caesar's Palace around Black Hat, ahead of one talk or another, that Grossman was scheduled deliver on yet another innovative piece of research.

Among the big security topics that I learned from Grossman about are clickjacking, web advertising fraud network risk and the need for actually guaranteeing security with a money back guarantee.

For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, Grossman decided to leave WhiteHat, the company he founded, earlier this year. Now he's landed - at security startup SentinelOne, as chief of security strategy.

I haven't written all that much about SentinelOne, and in fact that last time the company even crossed my news radar was April 2015, during the RSA conference. At that point, SentinelOne CEO Tomer Weingarten was boasting of the supremacy of his endpoint malware detection technology with a $1,000 contest.

No doubt, at SentinelOne, Grossman will remain an outspoken security expert and no doubt, we'll see some interesting research too. At WhiteHat, Grossman's focus had long been application security so it will also be interesting to see how/if he helps SentinelOne to evolve in that direction as well.

"Throughout my career, I've looked to solve the most critical security issues that are challenging organizations across the world," Grossman said in a statement. "I'm thrilled to be joining SentinelOne to help them protect customers against today's threats posed by all forms of malware, especially ransomware, as it has surged in 2016 and become increasingly popular among attackers."

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ownCloud Founder Forks Open-Source Project to NextCloud

By Sean Michael Kerner   |    June 02, 2016

Earlier this week, ownCloud Inc announced the formation of the ownCloud Foundation as an effort to keep the community together after the exit of founder Frank Karlitschek. At the time, I NextCloudspeculated that there was more to come as Karlitschek was not listed among the ownCloud Foundation's supporters.

The other shoe has now dropped and Karlitschek is forking the project he created into the new NextCloud effort.

NextCloud is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for ownCloud 9 with added security and stability updates as well as integration of Spreed.ME video conferencing and chat. Perhaps most importantly, Nextcloud GmbH (which is the new commercial entity behind NextCloud) has pledged that it will fulfill all contracts customers signed with ownCloud, Inc. until June 2nd - "That way customers won't be without the support from the experts they need to keep their servers running.," the company stated.

What an epic blow to ownCloud Inc. Not only has Karlitschek forked ownCloud, he's taking direct aim at ownCloud Inc's business too. This is a decisive move and one that will have a direct impact on the continued viability and sustainability of ownCloud Inc in my view. The creation of a foundation by ownCloud was a nice idea, but it's clear that Karlitschek has his own ideas too.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist