CMG Rolls Out NaviNet

Internet conglomerateCMG Information Services
today announced the launch of its NaviNet dial-up network for Internet
Service Providers.

The company, which began as a product line of NaviSite
Internet Services, built the NaviNet Technology Platform dial-up network.
The platform aggregates multiple calling areas into megaPOPs, deploys
advanced switch bypass technology to eliminate busy signals due to port
congestion and relies on private transit Internet connectivity to bypass
congested public peering points. This creates a highly reliable, low cost
network with the industry’s highest call completion rates, the firm said.

In addition to building a unique technology solution, NaviNet is partnering
with Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), a
strategy designed to enable CLECs to offer data services with
minimal investment.

“By spinning off NaviNet, CMG is expanding the breadth and depth of its
Internet Group with the addition of Internet network infrastructure,”
said David Wetherell, chairman and CEO, CMG.

“A national dial-up
network complements our existing portfolio of Internet software
applications and interactive marketing companies. NaviNets technology
will allow ISPs to increase capacity in current markets and quickly
expand to new markets.”

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