Concentric Expands High-Speed Wireless Service

Concentric Network
Tuesday announced a new partnership that will expand the coverage
area of its high-speed Internet service for small and medium-sized
businesses in the San Francisco area.

The company is partnering with Wavepath,
a Bay Area high-speed wireless provider, to offer symmetric Internet
connectivity at speeds of 384 kilobits a second. The service, dubbed iSpeed
Concentric Wireless, gives businesses speeds on par with Digital Subscriber
Line offerings without the distance limitations that come with DSL.

Henry R. Nothhaft, Concentric’s president and chief executive officer, said
the service is in response to strong demand for high-speed connectivity for
small businesses and telecommuters.

“Adding a wireless service grants our customers an additional form of
high-performance local loop connectivity at an excellent price for
performance choice and complements our extensive array of high-speed
Internet access solutions,” he said.

The service will cost $150 a month for unlimited connectivity. Concentric
is waiving the $800 installation fee for customers who sign up by Jan. 31.
Higher speed services are also available.

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