EarthLink, Intel in Bundling Agreement

EarthLink Network
announced today its TotalAccess Internet access software will be packaged with Intel’s new AnswerExpress Support Suite.

AnswerExpress is an Internet-based service that delivers technical support and protection to home and small-business PC users. The support suite includes live help, virus protection, online data backup, and access to an “Answer Library” resource.

Under the agreement, the $25 set-up fee for the EarthLink TotalAccess service will be waived, and customers will be offered a 30-day free trial.

“There’s a real synergy between what Intel is doing with Intel
AnswerExpress Support Suite and our commitment to delivering quality
support and service,” said Bob Johnson, vice president of marketing and
market development at EarthLink.

“The combination of the diagnostics and tutorials built into EarthLink’s TotalAccess software and the resources available through Intel AnswerExpress Support Suite will enable people to get over the hurdles that keep them from getting the most out of their PC and the Internet.”

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