@Home Network Selects NetGravity AdServer Solution

Cable ISP @Home Network has chosen to integrate NetGravity’s AdServer 3.0 solution with
the company’s existing online advertising system to streamline ad targeting,
serving and performance reporting for its advertisers.

@Home’s high-speed Internet service enables rich multimedia ads that include
audio, video and a high level of consumer interactivity.

“@Home’s robust interactive advertising combined with the fine detail of our
reporting capabilities required the most well-developed ad management
solution available. NetGravity AdServer can convert our raw capabilities
into a seamless system from ad serving and inventory management to advertiser
reporting,” said Susan Bratton, director of interactive advertising for the
@Home Network.

NetGravity will target and manage @Home Network’s various multimedia
“b*box” ads, which are small television screens on Web pages that feature
short movies, games and animated sequences to showcase products and allow
users to spin objects 360 degrees to view them before ordering for home

@Home says its broadband server architecture, enabled by the cable television
infrastructure, provides customers with Internet connections at 100 times the
speed of
traditional telephone modems. @Home’s high-speed capabilities allow
advertisers to support rich multimedia ads which evoke a higher audience
response than normal banner ads, the company said.

Larry Wear, vice president of customer service for San Mateo, CA-based
NetGravity, said: “NetGravity professional services has developed a solution
that includes the benefits of both NetGravity’s open, flexible AdServer
system and @Home’s established and highly capable advertising system.”

Since its founding in 1995, @Home Network has reached affiliate agreements
with eight cable companies passing approximately 50 million homes in North

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