Epoch Launches Preregistration Service for New Domain Names

Epoch Internet announced today a new
registration service for preregistering any of the seven new generic Top
Level Domain (gTLD) names.

Epoch, a first-tier Internet service provider that is an official member of
the Internet Council of Registrars (CORE), will begin accepting money-back
guaranteed registrations today for arts, .firm, .info, .nom, .rec, .shop,
and .web domain names at its newly launched “Registry” Web site.

Fees for registering the new domain names include $50 per year with a $10
setup charge, or users can choose to register for a $500 lifetime service
that also includes a $10 setup charge.

Those users who sign up for the new gTLDs will be reimbursed for the names
that do not get officially registered, minus the $10 setup fee. And those
who sign up for the lifetime service will not have to pay any future rate

“At this point in time no company can guarantee that pre-registration names
will be locked-in at the official CORE registration,” said Scott Purcell,
president and chief executive officer of Epoch Internet.

“We will however, refund money to customers whose names don’t get
registered. We are confident that the names we are reserving will get
officially registered because we have experience registering multiple names
and we have taken the time to develop a naming registration service that’s
superior to any process that’s currently available.”

Epoch is one of 88 gTLD registrars, and currently performs domain name
registration service for its customers with InterNIC, the current domain
name service registry.

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