Flashcom Extends California DSL Service

Flashcom, a national Digital Services Provider, today announced an expansion of its broadband Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) coverage in California by adding both Pacific Bell and GTE service areas.

Flashcom is a DSL-exclusive supplier, and is currently providing service in
California, Massachusetts and
New York. The company stated that with today’s expansion, its service is
available throughout 98% of California.

At its top speed, Flashcom said its DSL service is up to 50 times faster
than most dial-up modem connections, and 20 times faster than ISDN. And,
unlike dial-up services, there is no wait to connect and no busy signals.
The company added that the service is designed for applications requiring
high bandwidth such as video, audio, Local Area Networks, secure large file
transfers and Web Hosting.

“With the addition of Pacific Bell and GTE as partners. . . Flashcom now
offers the largest service area of any DSL provider in [California],”
stated Brad Sachs, president of Flashcom. “If you are currently using
multiple dialup accounts, ISDN, Frame Relay or T1 circuits, we can save you
hundreds to
thousands of dollars per month.”

In Pacific Bell service areas, speeds range from 384Kbps at $89 to 1.5Mbps
or T1 speed at $279 a month. In GTE areas, Flashcom offers 256Kbps for
$59.95 up to T1 speed circuits at $375 a month. All accounts include
Internet access, IP addressing, E-mail accounts and all necessary hardware,
the firm said. Customers interested in ordering the service can sign up
immediately on Flashcom’s Web site.

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