High-Speed Connectivity Offered to Weary Travelers

In a move designed to boost the productivity of business
travelers, Hilton Hotels Corp.
Wednesday announced it will install CAIS
OverVoice high-speed Internet voice/data technology in its

OverVoice is designed to allow users to connect to the Internet and talk on
the phone simultaneously. It expands the existing copper telephone wire to
accommodate up to 10 megabits-per-second Internet access. No rewiring or
system re-engineering is needed, the company said, and users can connect
using a standard ethernet-equipped laptop computer.

Under terms of its agreement with CAIS, Hilton will initially offer the
service to hotels throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Installation will begin with larger city-center convention Hilton hotels,
followed by smaller hotels. The hotel chain also has
named CAIS technology as its preferred Internet solutions provider.

Robert E. Dirks, senior vice president-marketing for Hilton Hotels, said
the company is working hard to accommodate today’s business traveler.

“Connectivity to the Internet is critical to functioning in the business
world today,” he said. “By teaming up with a top-tier company like CAIS
Internet to deliver OverVoice high-speed Internet access to our guests,
Hilton demonstrates its leadership in the electronic commerce arena within
the hospitality industry. This important service epitomizes our dedication
to providing our guests with tools to help them be more efficient while

Guests wishing to use the OverVoice will be charged an additional fee, less
than $10 per day. The service will be provided in meeting rooms as well as
individual rooms, the companies said.

“This agreement between CAIS Internet and Hilton Hotels sets the standard
for the hospitality industry in the delivery of high-speed Internet to
hotel guests and meeting rooms,” said Evans Anderson, CAIS Internet’s
senior vice president of sales and marketing and general manager.

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