Jamcracker Launches Channels Program

Jamcracker today released word of its Channels Program designed to enable business partners to instantly enter ASP markets, while also offering training on selling and implementing best of breed Web-based solutions.

“We are redefining the rules for the program,” Feyzi Fatehi, senior director, business development, told ASP-News. “And we are well on our way to achieve this.”

The company’s approach to this program brings together a community of business technology service providers to complement Jamcracker’s direct sales force, in addition to helping its partners enter the ASP market.

According to Fatehi, Jamcracker, Inc.offers two channels programs.

Jamcracker Explorers offers independent consultants, venture capitalists, business financial consultants and ASP business partners a low risk entry into the program.

“This is a version of us building a community of referral partners,” Fatehi explained. “IT could be any company who has a contact with our target base. The partners bring us qualified leads and we provide all the training.”

Fatehi also told ASP-News that once a deal is closed, the program member will receive a certain percentage of the first year’s revenues for that particular account.

Jamcracker Certified Pioneers is targeted at e-business consultants, systems and solutions integrators, value added solutions providers and telecom companies.

“These program partners are sent through actual sales training,” Fatehi said.

Upon advanced Jamcracker sales certification, the partners are paid a premium commission on sales of Jamcracker services. Certified Pioneer program members are responsible for maintaining and growing customer relationships, while Jamcracker handles all technical support for customers.

The Certified Pioneers program is divided into two tiers: Sales Certified Pioneers and Premier Certified Pioneers.

According to Fatehi, Sales Certified Pioneers go through the sales training, with no technical arm involved. They do not provide implementation or integration services.

Premier Certified Pioneers receive systems engineering training, in addition to the sales training, allowing these partners to sell and implement Jamcracker services.

These members earn additional incentives for driving incremental customer revenues. “Sixty percent of their revenue should come from professional services and consulting,” Fatehi said.

But Jamcracker is very specific about what it expects from program member. “We demand that Pioneer members dedicate sales and IT staff to Jamcracker,” Fatehi said. “Each partner will have a quota and we must demand active participation in order to be successful.”

ASP-News has learned that Jamcracker identified 500 potential partners and completed the training for a group of 22 last week.

Fatehi told ASP-News that he said to training participants last week, “Everything has been a rehearsal preparing you for this. We’re making history. We help people focus on their core as opposed to their context, and we provide this seamlessly to companies.”

“We expect to have 50 Pioneer members, but not more than 100, by year end,” Fatehi said. “We should reach 100 Explorer members by year end.”

Interestingly enough, this announcement comes on the heels of Agiliti’s official announcement earlier this week that Feisal Mosleh, most recently vice president of marketing and strategy at Jamcracker, joined the Agiliti team as vice president of marketing and product development (see related ASP-News story, Agiliti Brings New Dimension to its Marketing & Product Management with Ex-Jamcracker Hire,July 17th, 2000).

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