Juno Claims Victory in Spam Suit

Free e-mail provider Juno Online Services, L.P. said today it reached a settlement in a suit filed against two of the spammers it took to court late last year.

Terms of the settlement call for bulk e-mailers Phoenix Interactive of
Hermosa Beach, CA, and Global Information Services of Clearwater, FL to enter consent decrees or court orders that prohibit them from using Juno e-mail addresses.

Juno said the companies must also pay an undisclosed sum in monetary damages.

“When a spammer hides behind Juno’s name and reputation in order to
deceive the recipients of his message, it is an act of cowardice,” said Charles Ardai, Juno’s president, in a statement. “This is a universally reviled practice and, in our view, a violation of federal law.”

Juno also said today it has filed another federal lawsuit in which it seeks damages against three other defendants that allegedly forged Juno’s name when sending out bulk mailings.

The suit filed in Manhattan (NY) United States District Court names Zip Marketing of Southfield, MI; TCPS Inc. of Brooklyn, NY;
and Internet Product Distributors Inc. of Las Vegas, NV.

“We are committed to making the Juno service an inhospitable environment for spammers,” stated Richard Buchband, senior vice president and general counsel of Juno. “We will continue to bring legal action against commercial e-mailers who don’t get the message.”

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