Level 3 Completes Network Ring

Level 3 Communications Inc. completed
its central Florida fiber optic networks in Tampa and Orlando, Fla., Wednesday.

The buildout completion allows Level 3 to provide
Internet backbone services from 25 major metropolitan markets nationwide.

Kevin O’Hara, Level 3 executive vice president and chief operating officer,
said the network rings allow Internet service providers and competitive
local exchange carriers an alternative to standard telecom connectivity.

“We believe our local Internet and communications networks in Florida will
serve a major role in helping to further the already thriving Internet
economy in the area,” O’Hara said. “Bringing the power and economic
advantages of our advanced, continuously upgradeable network to Internet
service providers and other Web businesses in the region, we believe we can
enhance their competitive position as we continue to drop the cost of
underlying technology.”

The freshly completed Florida network connects nearly 21,000 miles of fiber
throughout the U.S. and Europe. Earlier this month, Level 3 announced it
would expand network services to the Asian market through establishing a
Hong Kong network. Level 3 also plans to construct a fiber ring in Seoul.

Tampa businessman Keith Matlick, TransWorld Diversified Services Inc.,
data and financial systems manager, said the Tampa network would allow his
company to expands its Internet presence.

“Level 3’s network lets TransWorld deliver reliable, Web-based applications
that help our customers in real estate and other markets to
cost-effectively gain a competitive edge,” Matlick said. “When our
customers ask for more broadband access, we’ll be able to provide it at a
lower cost.”

Now that its Florida fiber network is running, the second phase of Level 3’s six-step network deployment is near completion. When
completed, the network will cover 6.5 million square feet of global gateway
space and connect 150 cities in the U.S. to markets in Europe and Asia.

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