Nothing Less Than Zero

Drawing on a century of experience managing communication networks, AT&T Corp. Tuesday introduced a data storage solution that delivers beyond the industry’s five-nine up-time standard.

AT&T said its developed a way to meet the demands of operating in the Internet economy to provide businesses with near-100 percent availability of their mission-critical global applications.

The company debuted the duly dubbed “Ultravailable” data and storage solution as part of its managed storage network program, designed to deliver fail-safe data continuity to enterprise clients.

The program is supported by aggressive service level agreements that mandate zero data loss in an end-to-end, managed solution that bundles enterprise storage networks and data storage services with around-the-clock systems management and monitoring.

Rick Roscitt, AT&T Business Services president, said that in today’s e-business economy short downtimes could cost a company millions of dollars.

“Customers are demanding uninterrupted availability of critical networks and applications,” Roscitt said. “This alliance offers clients industry-leading levels of availability, reliability and service.”

AT&T formed a strategic alliance with EMC Corp. to tap into its market-leading information storage technology. The deal binds EMC’s data and storage solutions with
AT&T’s global network, which includes access to more than 250 conditioned facilities around the globe.

The two companies intend to jointly market enterprise solutions to multi-national, financial, e-business and large transaction-processing firms that depend on achieving better than 99.999 percent network
availability, and are willing to pay for it.

Alan Jones, EMC senior vice president of technology services, said the alliance puts the two firms at the leading edge of the service provider industry.

“Using the EMC E-Infostructure, AT&T will enable companies to meet one of the most critical requirements for success in the new economy, 24×7 availability of information that is accessed by users around the world.”
Jones said.

AT&T’s Global Enterprise Management System technology platform was integrated into its Global Client Support Centers to provide the type of predictive network management and monitoring the program requires.

The solution includes continuous mirroring, backup, recovery and archiving of a company’s critical data. AT&T’s program is enabled by dynamic data replication and storage, data sharing, application testing and data
availability in the event of service disruption.

Teams from AT&T and EMC evaluate clients’ business requirements in order to conduct comprehensive business risk and technical assessments. The tech teams produce customized plans for the design, implementation and
management of a businesses global network.

Hewlett-Packard Company’s Ultravailable Computing for HP Platforms sits at the cornerstone of the AT&T information solution. AT&T’s access to Hewlett-Packard’s IT
infrastructure-building hardware is the result of a deal struck earlier this month.

AT&T and Hewlett-Packard deepened their ties to jointly develop hardware, software and networking solutions for global business and dot-com companies that perform critical business services online.

At the time of deal, Ann Livermore, HP business customer president said the alliance focused the strengths of the two technology leaders to help companies utilize the Internet to transform the way they do business.

The original alliance of the two firms dates back to 1997, when AT&T and Hewlett Packard formed their first pact to deliver integrated Web solutions.

Alliance building remains at the heart of AT&T’s ability to deliver beyond five-nines uptime guarantees to enterprise clients worldwide.

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