Orion, IDT to Offer Global Internet Services

Orion Network Systems Inc. and
IDT Corporation announced today they have
partnered to deliver satellite-based Internet access services worldwide.

Orion, provider of satellite-based Internet services for Internet Service
Providers and corporate customers, and IDT, developer of Internet telephony
services, will offer their services around the world, using Orion’s network
of three satellites.

With the addition of Orion’s satellite network, IDT reports it will be able
to expand its Internet-based personal computer-to-phone service
internationally, and plans to develop more diverse international services
catering to the growing global business market.

“As Orion deploys new satellites for coverage of Asia, Latin America,
Russia, and the Middle East, IDT’s innovative Internet products will
complement our strategy to provide cost-effective, responsive data services
to corporate customers and ISPs who demand high quality, global
communications solutions,” said Neil Bauer, President and Chief Executive
Officer of Orion.

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