CyberGold Hits the Charts

Media Metrix, the new media and technology measurement service, recently named
CyberGold the 20th fastest-growing site on
the Web.

“For months we’ve experienced accelerated growth and we’re proud to be
recognized,” said CyberGold CEO Nat Goldhaber.

CyberGold also developed a new look for its Web site, which features images of
CyberGold employees and will continue to allow members to earn CyberGold by
interacting with marketing messages but will also include new features.

“We wanted to keep the site easy to use but we wanted to meet our members’
desire for a fun, attractive site as well,” said Goldhaber.

Berkeley, CA-based CyberGold now claims more than 300,000 members who conduct
transactions on the CyberGold Web site and elsewhere. CyberGold is an
Internet-based electronic currency that rewards consumers for viewing ads,
volunteering information, completing purchase transactions, and fulfilling
other advertiser requests.

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