PSINet Targets Developing Swiss Market

In what marks the latest in a series of international initiatives, PSINet Inc. announced today it will provide businesses in Switzerland with local dial Internet access through its Swiss subsidiary.

The Herndon, VA-based global Internet Service Provider cited Switzerland’s rank as the world’s fourteenth-largest telecommunications market with revenues amounting to U.S. $8.5 billion as a key factor in the decision to provide Net access in the developing market.

PSINet said pricing for business Internet connectivity will be equivalent to that of a local call, and it will provide local
area network (LAN) interconnection services via a choice of country-wide digital ISDN 2B (128 kilobits per second) connections or 56k analog modems.

“Approximately 90% of our business customers require some type of remote
access. With
Switzerland’s tariff structure, it is very easy for locations to fall
outside of typical local calling zones,” said Mickey Coggins, director of
network operations for PSINet Europe. “PSINet’s
nationwide dialup service allows for economical, reliable, secure and easy
access to the Internet
regardless of location.”

PSINet Europe first offered international services through its UK
subsidiary, PSINet Ltd., in 1996, with business dial access via a local call in England, Wales, Scotland, the Jersey Channel Islands (UK), and Northern Ireland. Earlier this year PSINet Germany also rolled out Internet provider services.

The company said it now provides commercial Internet dial services at local calling rates in major metro hubs covering 80% of business markets in the United States, Canada, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and France.

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