Ramp Networks Releases Dual-Modem Net Access Solution

Ramp Networks introduced this week a
high-speed Internet access device designed for telecommuters, power users,
and home office workers.

WebRamp PC is software that combines two modems to double the delivery
speed of Web pages using regular telephone lines. The product requires two
telephone lines and two Internet access accounts.

The product is designed for those users who have two modems, such as those
who have one installed in their PC and who have acquired an external modem
to attain higher download speeds. WebRamp PC optimizes Net performance by
integrating the two modems connected to the Net over separate ISP accounts.

WebRamp PC dynamically directs traffic over the connection exhibiting the
faster speed, using Ramp Networks’ patent-pending Connection Optimized Link
Technology (COLT) technology. COLT enables the transmission of different
parts of a Web page over two modems.

For modems that recognize call-waiting tones, in-coming voice calls will
bump the data on the second line. Users can continue accessing the Internet
with one line and when the second line is free, WebRamp PC will
automatically reconnect.

“Anybody who uses the Internet for business at home has experienced the
frustration of waiting for Web pages to download,” said Mahesh Veerina,
president, CEO and founder of Ramp Networks.

“While the Internet opens up new opportunities with its wealth of
information, slow modem performance impacts its power. WebRamp PC provides
a simple and affordable solution.”

Priced at $49, WebRamp PC features a “dashboard”-like interface that
provides users with modem status and errors, amount of bandwidth used,
Internet performance, and connection speed.

WebRamp PC supports the Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP) as well
as Intel’s Quick Web Technology.

Users can download a 30-day trial version from Ramp Networks’ Web site.

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