Verio Joins With Northpoint to Expand DSL Services

Verio Inc. this week secured an agreement
with NorthPoint Communications
to launch co-branded Digital Subscribe Line access in 10 additional US

The agreement, announced late Wednesday, includes a $4.4 million equity stake that raises Verio’s
total financial investment in NorthPoint to $10 million.

The co-branded DSL service will be bundled with Verio’s suite of Web
hosting and e-commerce services.

Verio/NorthPoint have offered DSL services in New York, Boston, Washington,
D.C., Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area since February, when the
companies first agree to join forces. DSL service is also offered in San Diego and

The companies plan to offer DSL services in Detroit, Austin and Miami by the
end of May. Future DLS service areas include Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
Tampa, St. Louis, Seattle, Portland and Denver, tentatively scheduled for
later this year.

“Verio’s combination of high-speed connectivity and Web hosting is a strong
entry point for businesses to leverage the power of the Internet and allows
existing Internet users to transition to a more robust and cost-effective
solution,” said Verio President and Chief Operating Officer Herb Hribar.

Hribar added that “our customers are extremely pleased with NorthPoint DSL,
and we look
forward to expanding the service to businesses in top markets throughout
the country.”

Sean Brophy, Verio’s vice president of corporate development, said the bundling of additional Web hosting
and e-mail services gives the company a complete Internet
business solution.

“Verio/NorthPoint DSL services are meeting a small and mid-sized businesses
need in the market for a fast, always-on, affordable high-speed Internet
access solution,” he said.

NorthPoint currently provides services to 15 U.S. metropolitan areas.
NorthPoint has obtained the required regulatory approvals to offer services
in a total of 28 metropolitan areas.

Verio Inc. is one of the world’s largest domain-based Web-hosting companies
and national ISP. Since its inception in 1996, Verio has rapidly
established a global presence through the acquisition of independent ISPs.

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