E Ink in Esquire: Magazine tech for the future

Chalk one up for print in the [battle to stay alive](/webcontent/article.php/3748086/Media+Pros+Dont+Fear+the+Digital+Realm.htm) in the world of online media.


[*Esquire*](http://www.esquire.com) magazine will put out a cover featuring E Ink electronic, foldable display technology on the newsstands this October. The 100,000-copy distribution of this special issue culminates the magazine’s 75th anniversary.

Ford (NYSE: F) will also participate in the project, using [E Ink’s Vizplex](http://www.eink.com/products/matrix/imaging_film.html) flexible display technology in an ad on the inside cover flap.

This could be a nice boon for print to stay innovative and relevant as ad dollars move online.

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