G1 a collector item?

I’ve spent hours these past two weeks talking to analysts about the Google HTC G1 that debuted this week, and yes the story is all about Android as we have reported.

While I couldn’t get my hands on a review device, despite my usual begging and pleading, I did get to play with one at a store launch event.

I have to say I wasn’t that impressed with the form factor. It felt heavy, my right thumb covers one third of the keyboard, and while I do like Google apps I’m not an avid Googler so all the built-in features and quick access to ‘Google things’ didn’t get me very excited.

But I’m seriously thinking of getting a device.


Well it seems that while Google loves Android it’s not going to put its stamp of approval on too many Android-built smartphones going forward.

As one analyst explained this G1 has the Google ‘love’ because Google wanted it out the door and wanted to push Android out the door with its best foot forward — like parents do with that first child heading to college. You know, you buy them new linens, a TV, the PC for the dorm room. By child no. 3 parents aren’t even dropping the kid off at the college but putting them on a bus with a backpack and a few bucks.

It seems this G1 is the initial smartphone in a ‘G’ series and many other Android-based phones won’t have the Google touch.

That alone could make this handset a collector’s item I’m thinking.

Like the first Mac, the eight-track cassette player, the first edition Nancy Drew book I have. Ok, well maybe the Nancy Drew book isn’t lly a collector’s item.

But you get my point.

At $180 it’s a reasonable collection investment.

I’m guessing the next one, G2, will be a bit pricier because rumour has it Google subsidized the majority of the G1 and I’m thinking it’s not about to do that going forward with every ‘G’ series device.

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