IDC and Gartner Look at Cloud From Two Sides

Is cloud computing gaining momentum in IT shops around the world or is it drifting towards a seat in the Hype Hall of Fame?

Given that cloud computing isn’t really a new technology per se and can apply to almost anything, it’s hard to know what to make of it. Even the leadig analysts don’t agree. IDC loves the computing. Gartner? Not so much. ServerWatch editor Amy Newman analyzes the analysts and ponders the question, “Did Cloud Computing Jump the Shark?”

Read the headlines and talk to some of the vendors, and it’s easy to believe that there isn’t an organization not deploying applications to the cloud.

IDC, long been a champion of cloud computing, certainly to believes that’s where the future lies. While IDC sees cloud computing as the answer to many of the issues data centers face, Gartner is far less bullish.

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Did Cloud Computing Jump the Shark?

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