Note to Knowledge Workers: Rock On

Dr. Russ Riendau is a man on a musical mission. Author of The CEO’s Guide to Talent Acquisition, Riendau thinks companies would do well to encourage more music in the workplace because, he says, it can boost morale and productivity.

At his Web site, a picture of guitar-toting, ready-to-rock Riendau, is bracketed by his thoughts on the topic: “In reality, music’s been part of the business world since the cavemen and cavewomen celebrated the successful wooly mammoth hunt.”

I second that “Uggah! Uggah!”

“Rhythms are part of the human condition, actually embedded into our DNA,” he continues.  (And so will iTunes in a few more years the way things are going).

Among his tips for companies looking to jump on the music bandwagon:

* Mount speakers in the parking lot to begin and end the workday with music. Change the tunes each day or week to reflect different tastes and generations

* Replace those old motivational posters with some hip Rock ‘n Roll signs

* Create a “Jam Room” in your facility for all employees. Fill it with instruments of all kinds and some percussion instruments as well. The media will love your story, too!

(Be sure to tell your stock holders too, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled). I actually think this could work with some judicious picks, for example, don’t pipe “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” into the company lounge.

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