Securing Flash with open source Blitzableiter #BlackHatUSA

From the ‘Flashing Security‘ files:

LAS VEGAS. I’ve written my fair share of stories about Flash insecurity over the years. I’ve also written about new tools to secure Flash.

At Black Hat, Felix “FX” Lindner launched a new tool called Blitzableiter under the GPLv3 open source license.

The word – Blitzablienter – is a German term for lighting rod. The idea being that the tool takes dangerous lighting and turns it into a harmless Flash file.

The tool integrates with the NoScript plugin for Firefox enabling users to check if a Flash file is doing something malicious. Going a step further, if there is something malicious in the Flash file, the tool will strip that out and provide the user with a safe file.

In my opinion it’s a really good idea.

While NoScript is a great tool as it enables users to block JavaScript and Flash – the options had previously been limited to either allow or deny. so now with Blitzableiter as filter, user’s can actually check to see if the Flash is ok, instead of just denying it.

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