Yahoo Touts Revised Web Traffic Stats

Whether it’s search or site traffic, the monthly statistics issued by online metrics firm comScore are a closely watched set of data points. But when a counting irregularity shortchanges a major Web player, especially one under as much pressure and scrutiny as Yahoo, the stakes are raised even higher.

That’s why Yahoo took the unusual step of calling to the media’s attention that the latest report undercut its Web traffic, by more than 1 billion page views and some 850 minutes of time spent on its sites.

Meantime, Yahoo’s search team lost a major Asian client when Yahoo Japan, a standalone company of which Yahoo owns a 35 percent stake, opted for Google’s search technology over the offering provided by its namesake. And that’s left Yahoo partner Microsoft plenty steamed.

eCommerce Guide has the details.

Yahoo has a message for any ecommerce marketers who were spooked by the latest Web traffic figures from online metrics firm comScore.

The company announced this week that comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) had under-reported Yahoo’s (NASDAQ: YHOO) U.S. page views in June by more than a billion, and the amount of time users spent on its sites by some 850 million minutes.

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Yahoo Sets the Record Straight on Web Traffic

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