Top 10 best practices for enterprise open source adopters #LinuxCon

From the ‘Open Source Has Won‘ files:

BOSTON. Congratulations open source developers, according to Forrester Research Analyst Jeffrey Hammond (pic left), you’re on the winning team.

Hammond delivered a keynote address at LinuxCon today where he said that open source adoption has now crossed the chasm to mainstream adoption.

He noted that according to his data, only 1 in 5 enterprises are not using open source in some way today.

What does it take to gain that adoption and push forward adoption, Hammond offered a top ten list of best practices based on his experience with the enterprise open source adopters.

1. Appoint an OSS steward – make sure there is a go to person that can interface with the right people.
2. Create a comprehensible policy –  About 36 percent of organization Hammond speaks to don’t have a policy, Hammond said.
3. Frontload acquisition processes
4. Require project leaders to identify OSS dependencies
5. Use EA to regulate exploitation and maintenance
6. Trust your team – but verify with code scanning utilities
7. Maintain a repository of pre-approved OSS components
8. Don’t dwell on process and artifacts , focus on outcomes
9. Don’t expect perfection and plan for re-mediation
10. Set a contribution policy – it will happen over time anyways.

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