Google Giving Voice Search a Personal Touch

When it comes to Web search, Google is the default gateway for a great majority of users. As it looks to extend that dominance to the mobile sector, Google is looking to improve its voice-recognition technology to allow users to search more accurately on the go.

To that end, Google has rolled out a personalization feature for its voice search, giving users the option of enabling a feature that will record their speech and use it to build a customized model that promises more accurate results.

“This speech model enables us to deliver greater recognition accuracy. Although subtle, accuracy improvements begin fairly quickly and will build over time,” Google’s Amir Mane and Glen Shires wrote in a blog announcing the new feature. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

Google has added personalization features to its Voice Search speech recognition technology that aim to help the system customize itself to improve accuracy for the phone’s user, the company said.

“We always knew we could build a more accurate model by listening to your voice, and learning how you — as a unique individual — speak. So today, we’re launching personalized recognition,” Amir Mané, product manager and Glen Shires, member of technical staff, said in a post to the Google Mobile Blog, Tuesday.

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Google Makes Voice Search More ‘Personal’

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