Google Touts Mobile Ads as AdMob Deal Closes

Google hasn’t made any secret of its ambitious plans to cash in on the mobile advertising market. Now one of the cornerstones of that strategy is in place.

The search giant has announced that it has closed the $750 million acquisition of the mobile ad network AdMob, though antitrust authorities had given the deal a long, hard look.

Now, Google’s getting to work on integrating the two platforms and teams, and is feeling bullish about the prospects for mobile advertising. E-Commerce Guide has the details.

Less than a week after winning the blessing of antitrust authorities, Google has closed its $750 million acquisition of the mobile ad network AdMob, giving the search giant pole position in the emerging wireless advertising space.

“It’s clear that mobile advertising is becoming a much larger part of our clients’ and partners’ strategies and with this acquisition, it’s now a central part of our own business,” Susan Wojcicki, Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) vice president of product management, said in a blog post.

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Google Predicts Mobile Ad Surge as AdMob Deal Closes

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