Data Theft Puts NC Employees at Risk

It’s become an all-too-familiar story. A small data device containing personal records grows legs and walks off, putting the identities of thousands of people at risk. Despite the constant fear of nefarious hackers, human error is all-too-often the real culprit. eSecurity Planet has the here-we-go-again details.

More than 5,200 current and former employees working for the city of Charlotte, N.C. are scrambling to check their bank accounts and credit reports this week after a leading benefits consulting firm acknowledged that two DVDs containing a goldmine of personal information have gone missing.

According to city officials, the DVDs storing information including names, birth dates and social security numbers failed to arrive at Towers Watson & Co.’s (NYSE: TW) Atlanta office sometime in February.

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Data Theft Puts NC Employees At Risk

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