iPhone Woes Hit Upgrades, Not First-Time Buyers

The recent debate surrounding the iPhone 4’s antenna and wireless reception — whether there’s indeed a “death grip” that causes the phone to lose signal strength, whether it’s a design flaw or just a software glitch, and whether it’s unique to the iPhone 4 or many other popular smartphones — has had an impact on both current iPhone owners and would-be buyers.

For owners of previous-generation iPhones, industry researcher IDC found that the controversy is causing them to hold off on plans to buy the new iPhone 4. But users of other phones who have been looking to purchase an iPhone seem to be less impacted: More of them still plan to snap up one of the devices. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look at the surprising findings.

The brouhaha over the iPhone 4’s antenna and reception problems may be making current iPhone owners more reluctant to purchase the new device. But users who don’t currently own an iPhone aren’t as likely to be dissuaded from buying the hot, new and controversial device, according to market research firm IDC.

IDC’s survey, released on Friday — the same day as Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s press conference to address the antenna issues — showed 66 percent of current iPhone owners will delay a future purchase of the iPhone 4 because of the phone’s widely publicized antenna and reception issues.

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iPhone 4 Woes Spook iPhone Owners More Than Would-Be Buyers

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