MeeGo 1.0 Linux OS Debuts for Netbooks

Intel and Nokia have decided that MeeGo is ready for prime time. The firms have been working on the open source mobile operating system for three months, and have now released version 1.0.

Initially limited netbooks, MeeGo will eventually be broadened to handhelds and other mobile applications. MeeGo is a hybrid effort that pairs Intel’s Moblin Linux with Intel’s Maemo Linux, with the initial version built around the 2.6.33 kernel. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

After three months of development, the 1.0 release of the MeeGo open source Linux mobile operating system is now available. MeeGo is joint effort led by Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) that was first announced in February.

MeeGo combines elements of Intel’s Moblin Linux with Nokia’s Maemo Linux effort into a new mobile operating system that can be used for netbooks, handheld devices and other mobile applications. The initial MeeGo 1.0 release is only available for netbooks, with a MeeGo handset version planned for a June release.

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MeeGo 1.0 Arrives for Linux Netbooks

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