Mobile Users Want More Speed

Smartphone users want faster Web access, easier social networking navigation and would gladly suffer mobile advertising if it meant free online content.

Data from several Azuki Systems surveys show that mobile device users are spending a significant amount of time talking, texting, e-mailing and Web surfing. Yet 80 percent of those polled wish it was easier to get online data and use rich media, such as video conferencing.

The results show that mobile device vendors need to improve the Internet experience, according to Azuki.

“Due to innovative new devices, support for interactive, personalized and content services will be crucial,” John Tremblay, co-founder and VP of marketing, Azuki, told “Hot items on consumer ‘wish lists’ include easier ways to access more snackable [quick and easy to get] forms of media and a more seamless mobile social networking experience.”

When it comes to voice services, 33 percent of 18 years and older talk more than 10 hours weekly, and younger users (17 years old or younger) are gabbing about 15 hours a week.

The data shows that over three quarters of mobile device users, 79 percent, use text and 29 percent of those 22 years old and older are texting about two hours a week. Younger users are typing more, with 37 percent texting for over two hours a week.

Half of users polled, 50 percent, read email using a mobile device and 52 percent go online via a mobile device.

The data comes as handset makers, wireless carriers and computing device companies woo users wanting better functionality and feature rich services given increasing device dependence.

The data points were pulled from several surveys the interactive mobile media services provider conducted in the past six months, including one at the recent Mobile Internet World conference.

Of those accessing social networks, like Facebook and MySpace, 64 percent would share content via a mobile device if it was easier to do.

Users also want location tracking capabilities that would push local business marketing into their email or messaging boxes. More than 65 percent would take advantage of such marketing, according to the survey data.

When asked to name the most exciting mobile innovation in 2008, 23 percent of mobile users cited the iPhone 3G and 15 percent named the Google Android operating system.

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