RIM Says Mobile Voice System a Money Saver

The growth of smartphones in the enterprise has brought both benefits and hassles to both IT and users. The benefits of added mobility bring with it issues related to integration with the corporate network and accessibility as users juggle between work and mobile numbers.

As EnterpriseMobileToday reports, RIM has plans to release new services to address some of the integration and multiple number hassles. The company also has two new smartphone releases on tap.

Research In Motion today added Wi-Fi calling support to its Mobile Voice System (MVS), with the goal of saving enterprises money on voice costs and streamlining the use of a single work number among desk phones and BlackBerrys. It also unveiled two new BlackBerry phones — the Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G.

MVS 5, available later this year, allows calls to be routed through a corporate phone system, or PBX (private branch exchange), which RIM says helps enterprises comply with company policies and provides savings on long-distance and international voice costs. Employees also benefit from having a single business phone number for both their desk phone and BlackBerry device.

RIM also upgraded MVS to become a full-fledged SIP platform, offering better PBX integration and support for SIP-based applications.

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RIM Adds Wi-Fi Calling, SIP to BlackBerry Voice System

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