Enterprises Coming Around to Windows 7

Even before Microsoft launched Windows 7 as the successor to Windows Vista (and Windows XP, Vista’s popular predecessor,) expectations had been high among industry-watchers about how long enterprise adoption would take.

Conventional wisdom has it that many IT shops prefer a “wait and see” approach — delaying until at least the first Service Pack is released before they begin testing and deploying a new operating system. But in Windows 7’s case, businesses may be migrating more quickly than expected. ServerWatch takes a look.

Amid the excitement that Windows 7 propelled Microsoft’s revenues and earnings to stellar heights once again, one emerging trend is that the traditional corporate “wait and see” approach to new versions of Windows has been overridden by the need to replace aging enterprise PCs.

Although numbers are still more anecdotal than fact, it is difficult to deny that the long-awaited corporate refresh cycle has begun, according to analysts interviewed by

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