SolidStreaming System To Cover All Wireless Devices

New York-based SolidStreaming Wednesday unveiled its SolidStream System, which can enable the two-way transfer of real-time streaming video or audio to a range of existing wireless devices, including mobile phones such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-enabled phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and handheld computers.

It supports a range of new wireless Internet services, including streaming music and music downloads; transmission of live video and audio; streaming business information and stock quotes; slides shows; traffic cams, as well as real-time mapping and other location-based applications.

“The Internet didn’t become popular until user-friendly browsers made it graphical and easy-to-use. Video and audio applications have opened up a whole new set of Internet applications, and the same will be true for the wireless Internet,” said Edward Bronson, SolidStreaming president. “Our SolidStream System can help make the wireless Internet more exciting and appealing for the end-user – and thus help wireless carriers boost the demand for such services.”

The SolidStream System’s architecture is optimized to operate across existing wireless networks, where available bandwidth may be limited or inconsistent. By intelligently managing data flow to completely eliminate the network bottlenecks traditionally associated with streaming media, the SolidStream System can function on wireless networks with data speeds as low as 9.6 kbps or future 3G networks with speeds as high as 2 Mbps and above.

The SolidStream System works with the Palm and Symbian operating systems, with Java technology, and with a wide variety of WAP-enabled phones that are restricted by processing power, memory and display constraints.

The SolidStream System is comprised both of a client application and a server application. The client application, a small streaming browser, was designed using an open architecture to fit within today’s handsets and can be integrated into current generation WAP browsers.

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