Sprint Gives Phones Ability to Synch

Tired of managing the phonebook on your mobile phone? Sprint PCS Thursday unveiled a new software solution that
will allow the latest Sprint PCS phones to synch with computers like PDAs in order to manage the phonebook.

“The reality is that most of us use our Sprint PCS phones as portable address books that contain critical contact information we
need whether on the go or at home,” said John Garcia, senior vice president of sales and distribution for Sprint’s wireless
division. “Working with FutureDial, we packaged the new Sprint PCS Contact Synchronization Software in an easy-to-use program that
makes updating these files a snap and removes re-inputting information manually.”

The Contact Synchronization Software, created by FutureDial Inc., will go on sale at Sprint Stores next week for $29.99. The
software reads contact information from both the Sprint phone and Microsoft Outlook, and offers two options for address book
editing. The phone list view displays existing entries for the phonebook for editing and updating, while the Microsoft Outlook view
displays a dual screen with both the phonebook list and the Microsoft Outlook contact list. Users can “drag and drop” entries from
Outlook to the phone list. Sprint said that when editing is complete, the user can export and synchronize the revised entries back
to the Sprint phone and/or Outlook.

The new software will support the Kyocera 2035, 3035 and 6035; the LG InfoComm TP1100, TP5200, and TP5250; Motorola ST7762, ST7868,
and StarTAC; Samsung 3500, 6100, 8500, N200, I300 and UPROAR M100; and the Sanyo 4000, 4500, 4700, 5000, 6000 and 5150.

Sprint also said future Sprint PCS phones will have synching software provided via a Web page download along with subsequent
software releases.

The company also said that the Contact Synchronization Software requires a cable that comes with Sprint’s Wireless Web Connection
Kit, available online or at Sprint Stores for $59.99.

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