Verizon Chief Touts 4G Revolution

Verizon is looking to close the gap between the robust Internet users enjoy on fixed networks and the somewhat shoddier experience of mobile devices. And to get there, the carrier is banking on a robust, nationwide 4G wireless network.

Launched in December, Verizon’s 4G LTE network “changes the game,” COO Lowell McAdam told an audience at the Consumer Electronics Show.

CEO Ivan Seidenberg said the shift to a true mobile computing model, where smartphones running on next-generation networks can deliver video content without latency and perform sophisticated applications, is “transformative.” CES, the launching pad for so many sophisticated smartphones, tablets and mobile devices this year, was a fitting backdrop for Verizon’s presentation, even if it didn’t involve the announcement of the long-awaited CDMA version of the iPhone. Enterprise Mobile Today has the story.

LAS VEGAS — Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg views the recent launch of his company’s 4G network and the accompanying barrage of wireless devices announced this week as the linchpin of an entertainment and data revolution that’s fundamentally changing how consumers interact with themselves and their content.

“This is the single biggest transformative idea that we’ve had to deal with,” he told attendees during a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show. “We’re part of something bigger than ourselves. The key is how do to make it simple and easy for consumers.”

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